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Ultracycle Disc Brake Pads Organic Semi Metallic Steel Plate
$12.50 $25.00 50% Off
BACKING PLATE Steel FITS: SEE CHART BELLOW PAD MATERIAL ORGANIC Semi-metallic QUANTITY Pair FEATURES: All Weather. Long Lasting. Noise Reducing Compound. Includes Spring If Applicable. A. TEKTRO FITS: Tektro Novella 2011+,I0X,Lyra. B. FORMULA FITS: Formula Oro Puro,Bianco,K18,K24. C. FORMULA FITS: Formula RR1,R1R,R1,R0,RX,T1,MG. D. HAYES FITS: Hayes Stroker Ace,4 Piston. E. HAYES FITS: Hayes Stroker Ryde,Ryde Comp,Dyno Comp,Dyno Sport. F. HAYES FITS: Hayes Stroker/Trail/Gram/Carbon. G. HAYES FITS: Hayes Sole,CX Comp,Pro,Expert,MX-2,3,4,5,GXC,GX-2,QHD. Promax DSK-810. Bengal Helix mechanical,MB700,MB700T,PH10. Cannondale Helix,Expert Comp. H. HAYES FITS: Hayes HFX Mag,Plus,XC,HD,HFX9,9 Carbon,9XC,9HD,MX1. Promax DC-600,700,800,900. I. SHIMANO FITS: Shimano M965,966,975,800,765,775,655,665,535,585,595,S500,S501,R505,M601. Tektro/TRP Dash,Parabox front. J. SHIMANO FITS: Shimano M415,416,465,475,485,495,515,525,575,C501,601,607. Tektro/TRP Auriga,Draco,Orion,HY-RD,Spyre,Parabox rear,Hylex. K. SHIMANO FITS: Shimano M985,987,988,785,666,675,615,S700. L. SHIMANO FITS: Shimano M755,M04,4 Piston,Hope E4,M4,Grimeca System 8. M. SHIMANO FITS: Shimano Nexave,M555,C901,C-92. N. AVID FITS: Avid BB7,Juicy 3,5,7,Carbon. O. AVID BB5 FITS: AVID BB5 P. AVID FITS: Avid Elixir 7,9,X0 Trail, SRAM Guide. Q. AVID FITS: Avid Elixir 1,3,5,CR,R,XX,X0. R. MAGURA FITS: Magura MT2,MT4,MT6,MT8.
Ultracycle Disc Brake Pads Organic Semi Metallic Steel Plate
$12.50 $25.00 50% Off
All weather Long lasting Noise reducing 'Organic'' Semi-Metallic compound Includes spring(s) if applicable Shimano BR-M965/966/975/800/765/775/655/665/535/585/595/S500/S501/R505/M601 TRP Dash/Parabox front UPC code : 756928870569 Manufacturer # : PS05SS05 SPECIFICATIONS BACKING PLATE : Steel FITS : Shimano/Tektro/TRP MATERIAL : Semi-Metallic MODEL : Shimano/TRP PAD MATERIAL : Semi-Metallic SUB CATEGORY : Disc Pads QUANTITY : Pair
Ultracycle X-Cut Threaded Brake Pads
$7.50 $15.00 50% Off
UltraCycle X-Cut Threaded Brake Pads. Threaded with metal holder. X pattern. SPECIFICATIONS COLOR Silver LENGTH 35mm QUANTITY Pair TYPE Threaded
Shimano Deore M575 (E01S) Brake Pads
$12.50 $25.00 50% Off
Genuine Shimano replacement pads. Shimano have adopted ICE-TECHNOLOGIES into their disc brake pad range to provide the cooling technology required for consistent performance. Sintered Pads - Withstand higher pressure and temperature, less fade, better wet performance and longer lasting. (Suited to heavier riders) Suitable for; BR-M575 - BR-M486 - BR-M485 - BR-M446 - BR-M445
Shimano Deore V-Brake
Shimano's Deore V-Brakes feature light lever feel and all-around stopping power. Light, stiff aluminum arms actuate grippy cartridge brake pads. Conical washers set up quickly and easily for optimal braking with low weight.
Shimano Deore XT 6-Bolt Ice-Tech Rotor (160mm)
Shimano's Deore XT Ice-Tech rotors utilize the industry standard 6-bolt mounting system for secure mounting. These rotors use an aluminum core with steel outer plates to better control the temperature of the braking surface. This means quieter braking and, more importantly, less fade on long downhills and improved pad life. The various sizes give you total freedom of choice over the delicate balance of power versus weight.
Shimano Deore XT Center Lock Ice-Tech Rotor (203mm)
Shimano's XT Ice-Tech rotors utilize their patented Center Lock mounting system for super quick and easy mounting. These rotors use an aluminum core with steel outer plates which reduces the temperature of the braking surface. This means quieter braking, and more importantly, less fade on long downhill sections and improved pad life. The various sizes give you total freedom of choice over the delicate balance of power versus weight.
Shimano Deore XT M8000 Metal Disc Brake Pad (G04S) and Spring
Shimano G04S metal disc brake pads. - Fits XTR BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M985, XT BR-M8000, BR-M785, SLX BR-M666, Alfine BR-S700 and BR-R785, BR-RS785 road disc calipers - Sintered Metal pad with consistent, high stopping power in wet or dry conditions and excellent durability - Ventilated steel backing plate for improved heat dispersion - Backing Plate Material: Steel - Compound: Metal
Shimano Deore XT SM-RT86 Disc Brake Rotor
Shimano Deore XT SM-RT86 6-Bolt rotors feature a 3-layer construction with an aluminum core and two stainless steel outer layers. Reducing rotor surface temperature approximately 100 degrees Celsius compared to all-steel rotors, the result is better braking performance and reduced brake fade. - Aluminum spider - Includes rotor fixing bolts and locking washers
Shimano Tiagra Caliper Brake
Sleek, balanced and consistent. Shimano's Tiagra 4700 series brakes provides serious entry-level riding performance with trickle-down technology from Dura Ace. - Model Number: BR-4700 - Series: Tiagra - Brake Type: Super SLR Dual Pivot - Cartridge Shoe Holder: R50T5 / R50T4
Shimano XTR Race Disc Brake Caliper
Shimano's XTR Race Disc Brake Caliper has the modulation you demand with enough power for the World Cup XC race circuit. The body is a forged one-piece aluminum post-mount design that makes the brake super light and extremely rigid. Oversize ceramic pistons supply heaps of bite, and superior temperature regulation, so you can tackle long descents with confidence. Lever, hose, mineral oil, and rotor sold separately.
SRAM CenterLine Rotor with Rounded Edge
$44.00 - $65.00
Stainless steel rotor designed for smooth and quiet braking with any disc brake caliper.
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake
Meet the new standard for hard-hitting, heavy-duty braking. We added 15% extra piston power and 30% more volume in the lever reservoir, ensuring peak performance for the full run. And with SwingLink and Lever Pivot Bearing technologies, lever feel remains smooth and progressive, no matter how hard the pull. Go deeper and grab more power. - Designed specifically for heavy-duty demands. - Pivot bearing offers crisp lever feel and a fatigue-free ride. - Metallic pads come standard for more power and longer wear.
SRAM Road Disc Organic Brake Pads
SRAM road disc brake pads are designed for use with SRAM road hydraulic disc brakes (HRD). - For use with Level Ultimate & Level TLM Brakes - Pad Material: Organic - Type: Road/CX - Includes guide pin, clip, & pad spreader
SRAM Trail/Guide Disc Brake Pads
SRAM's Disc Brake Pads are reliable and rugged. These pads are compatible with Avid Trail and SRAM Guide disc brakes.
Magura 6.1 Performance Pads
$20.00 $40.00 50% Off
Performance series disc pads feature a soft, organic compound with excellent power, heat management, and modulation. Steel backing plate Compatible with the following brakes: All Martas 2009 and up All Louise 2007 and up Julie HP Part# 0722418
Magura 8.P Disc Brake Pads Performance Compound
$25.00 $50.00 50% Off
Magura 8 Series pads feature a disconnected back plate, allowing each piston to move independently. These pads fit 4-piston Magura MT5 and MT7 brakes, as well as the front caliper in Magura Trail brakes. *Disconnected two piece back plate *Performance compound offers excellent bite for strong braking response in a variety of conditions *Set of four disc brake pads for one MT5, MT7 Caliper
Magura Disc Pad Set
$20.00 $40.00 50% Off
Performance (*.P): excellent performance in all conditions, a great balance of power and pad life Comfort (*.C): longer lasting pad life with excellent modulation Race (*.R): strongest braking power for riders that push limits in cross country and Downhill events Sport (*.S): E-Bike optimized, performance is between Comfort and Performance pads Prior models, Marta, Marta SL, Louise, and Julie, choose between Performance (*.1 series): stronger grip or Endurance (*.2 series): longer pad life pads Set/pair (1 caliper): includes left and right pads with retraction springs and/or retention pins *9.P, 9.C, and Performance 9.1 fitment MT Next 7/5 4-piston with 2 single pads, 1 pair is 2 pieces **8.R, 8.P, and Performance 8.1 fitment MT Next 7/5 4-piston with 4 single pads, 1 pair is 4 pieces Part#0721304
Kool-Stop Aero-Kool Disc Pads
$17.50 $35.00 50% Off
• Aluminum backing with extended cooling fins help regulate brake system temperature • High performance organic compound
Kool-Stop Sintered Disc Pads (Shimano)
With a copper plated back plate, Kool-Stop sintered metal disc brake pads are designed to give your bike performance braking in extreme conditions, e.g. XC, downhill, trials and dual slalom riding. The pads have a quick break-in period so you get maximum performance during those demanding rides when stopping power, durability and long pad life are required.
Kool-Stop Steel Disc Pads (Avid)
$19.90 - $20.00
- High performance compounds recommended for all-conditions - Steel backing
Kool-Stop Steel Disc Pads (Tektro)
$10.00 $20.00 50% Off
Kool-Stop disc pads are made with organic materials that are blended and bound together using a resin. The compounds do include small amounts of metal to improve the braking formula but though this is a mined material the pads are largely organic. The term semi-metallic can also be used. Kool-Stop has found during testing that their disc pads are Rotor Friendly and provide high performance braking throughout the life of the pad. - Qty 1 = enough for 1 wheel
Jagwire Basics X-Age Molded Brake Pads
Basics brake pads offer a durable, reliable replacement to get bikes back on the road. - All-weather compound - Compatible with caliper style brakes all-weather compound - 50mm long - Color: Black - Intended Brake Type: Caliper - Pad Attachment Style: Bolt-In (Caliper) - Pad Type: One Piece - Rim Compatibility: Standard
Jagwire Mountain Sport Brake Pads (Threaded)
Compatible with linear-pull and cantilever brakes, Jagwire's Mountain Sport Brake Pads boast Jagwire's tried-and-true all-weather compound for excellent speed control, stopping power and durability. They come in standard Black plus Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue and Gray for adding a little style to your ride.
Jagwire Mountain Sport Disc Brake Pads (Magura)
$15.99 - $25.00 $25.00 Up to 36% Off
Jagwire's Mountain Sport Disc Brake Pads (Magura) feature a low-noise, semi-metallic compound mounted to a steel backing plate for excellent brake performance and durability.
Jagwire Road Pro Inserts (SRAM/Shimano)
Jagwire's Road Pro Inserts are a nice upgrade for Shimano and SRAM sidepull brakes. They're made of Jagwire's Pro Series compound in three versions for excellent stopping power in all conditions and with aluminum and carbon rims.
Jagwire Road Sport Brake Pads
$15.00 - $21.99
Jagwire's Road Sport Brake Pads feature their tried-and-true Pro Series compound for excellent braking and durability. The pads are cartridge-style for easy replacement without losing your brake shoe position and there are wheels guides on the shoes to help when you're putting a wheel back on.
Jagwire Sport Organic Disc Brake Pads (Shimano)
Jagwire Sport Organic pads feature an all-new resin compound. Mounted on a steel backing plate, this compound gives good power and modulation, while keeping noise to a minimum. Great for riders primarily riding in dry conditions.
Hope Mono Mini Disc Brake Pads
$15.00 $30.00 50% Off
Hope Mono Mini Disc Brake Pads. · Sintered: high-graphite compound; best for wet weather durability · Organic: Softer compound than sintered, works better in dry conditions, but wears faster · Fits Tech and Tech Evo M4 Brakes
Avid Disc Brake Pads (Code)
To keep your Avid brakes functioning properly, check your pads for wear and replace them when necessary. Organic compound pads are softer for quieter braking and increased modulation, while metallic pads dissipate heat better and last a bit longer. Two pads, one retraction spring and a mounting bolt are included (enough for one brake) in each pad set. And, choose an aluminum backing plate if you're really counting the grams.
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